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Diagnostic Tools

Accurate Diagnostics for Fast Results

We understand the importance of getting answers when your pet is sick or hurt. We have many of the same inhouse diagnostic tools that human hospitals have. This allows us to assess your pet quickly and accurately and develop a treatment plan.

Same-Day Laboratory Results

Same day lab results are very important for sick patients. They allow us to accurately determine why your pet is sick and how to help him or her feel better right away. With many different diseases, same day results can make a big difference in your pet’s ability to recover.

Digital Radiography (X-Rays)

Digital radiography is faster and more efficient than film. Oftentimes, our patients do not understand why we are taking radiographs of them. They don’t want to lay on their backs or their sides for very long. Being able to take the image and see it right away decreases this stress exponentially. They are able to get off the table and go back to being comfortable much faster than with traditional film radiology.

Additionally, our machines give us excellent picture quality with the ability to manipulate the image to extract more information which is not available with traditional film radiographs. These images can be emailed, sent for referral readings, and seen from a cloud based storage system at any time.


Ultrasound is one the most valuable diagnostic tools available to veterinarians. This is because we can see organs in greater detail than radiographs (“x-rays”), and we can see organs functioning in real time. So, we are able to see masses before we can see them on radiographs, and we are able to take measurements to assess if the tissue is normal and functioning as it should. Ultimately, being able to treat disease is directly correlated to being able to understand why your pet is sick. Ultrasound plays an important role in that process. We are grateful to have this tool onsite and readily available to help your pets.


We now offer in-house endoscopy for appropriate cases including investigation of oral, pharyngeal, upper airway disease, and stomach evaluation! This is where we take a camera and pass it in through the mouth or sometimes the nose of your pet to look at the tissues and assess if they are normal. This tool can be especially important when we are suspicious of polyps, masses or sinus issues with your pet. Our endoscope does allow us to take biopsies of these tissues as well. Oftentimes, endoscopy can be the only way to assess these tissues without having to spend thousands of dollars on a CT scan or MRI. We are excited to have a less expensive procedure to diagnose these issues.


Arthroscopy can be very helpful in the diagnosis of shoulder pain and stifle injuries. Arthroscopy is when we put your pet under anesthesia, and we pass a camera into the joint to look at the joint surfaces and ligaments. This allows us to determine the possible causes of your pet’s pain.

These very painful, chronic injuries do not respond well to medications. Oftentimes, arthroscopy is the only way to diagnose the shoulder of your pet and develop a helpful treatment plan.

Shoulders and stifle pain can limit your dog’s ability to run or play and living with chronic pain can change your dog’s temperament and demeanor. It is essential that we determine the cause of the pain and restore them to comfortable activity. We are very pleased to offer this imaging modality for our patients.

Eye Pressure Testing

Glaucoma is fairly common in pets, and although there are treatments available. We need to be able to detect glaucoma early to have the treatments be most effective. We have the ability to measure eye pressure in appropriate cases which allows us to diagnose or rule out glaucoma early and potentially preserve vision that might otherwise be lost.




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