Routine & Preventative Care

Routine Services: We work hard to educate our clients on preventative veterinary medical care because it is the foundation for your pet having a long, healthy life. Generally speaking, routine preventative care includes vaccines, monthly parasite preventions, and wellness bloodwork. Living in a rural area that is rich with wildlife means that indoor and outdoor […]

Surgery Services

Oral surgery Dental and oral health is important to the overall health of your pet. Plaque build up on your pet’s teeth leads to bacterial infections that are painful and send bacteria throughout the body. This bacteria can lead to infections in the heart, gallbladder, kidneys, and other organs in the body. Also important, your […]

Cattle, Small Ruminant, Pig Services

Cattle and small ruminants are very common in our area, and we are pleased to be able to provide ambulatory veterinary services to farms within 40 minutes of our facility. We have knowledgeable veterinarians that are dedicated to listening to your individual operation’s goals and needs, and provide herd health guidelines, routine health services, and […]

Equine Services

Quality Equine Care: We are pleased to be able to provide veterinary services to horses and donkeys in our area. These wonderful animals require knowledgeable care when it comes to nutrition, vaccinations, dental care, and so much more. Here are some of the services we offer: Vaccination Services Equine Teeth Floating Equine Castration Sheath Cleaning […]